VIDEO: Dog survives after being thrown off a cliff, suspect sought

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Sneaking in some last minute kisses from the dog he affectionately calls “girl,” Reuben Roque knew Wednesday morning would be a difficult.

Animal control officers waited outside his home to take the dog who’s now the subject of an animal cruelty investigation

Security video exclusive to FOX 11 shows a man taking the dog in his arms and throwing her down a hillside.

“I’ve seen that video three or four times and every time I’ve seen it I don’t know,” Roque shook his head. “I’ve seen ugly things in the world.”

Roque, who is a combat veteran, has been fostering the dog for the last two weeks. It was his neighbor's security cameras that captured the horrifying footage the morning of September 28.

Roque has grown very attached to the pit bull mix.

“She’s a sweet dog,” he said fighting back tears. “I think I may have seen a little bit of me going to through transitions and what not but she’s a sweet dog.”

The security video has been viewed more than a million times on social media.

Animal Control officers, who saw the tape, said the dog is now evidence in their investigation. According to protocol, they must remove the dog from the home and get her a veterinary checkup.

In the meantime, officers are asking anyone who recognizes the clear picture of the man from the video to come forward. The tape shows him driving off in an Audi from the City Terrace neighborhood, east of Downtown Los Angeles.

Moments before he threw the dog, she jumped inside the passenger window, which is why Roque believes that man is the owner.

“He pulled her into the car, warmed her up and threw her out and then off and over,” he said.

Roque hopes once animal control’s investigation is complete, he can keep the dog. For now, he’ll wait for his “girl” to come home.

Animal control said the dog will remain in its care for the next 72 hours and if nobody comes forward as the rightful owner, they will adopt the dog back out to Roque and waive all the associated fees.

Marcia Mayeda, the director of the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control, gave FOX 11 the following comment:

“The Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control was shocked and horrified to see this video.  Animal cruelty is a serious crime, and the Department is thoroughly investigating this case to identify the perpetrator and identify which criminal charges may be referred to the District Attorney’s office. We hope this individual will be identified by a FOX 11 viewer so we can complete our investigation and find justice for the beautiful, sweet dog.”

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