VIDEO: Man who stole women's panties, caught by police

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Video has been released of a 36-year-old Toledo man accused of stealing $1,000 of panties from Victoria's Secret.

On camera Reginald Murphy can be seen taking items at the Oakland Mall location, then trying to flee from police, which had an undercover sting operation.

The video shows how a chase over stolen lingerie ended with Murphy, facing up to 15 years in prison after Troy police catch him stealing underwear.

"You can see him taking stuff off the counter and putting it in the bag," said Capt. Robert Redmond.

Troy police released surveillance video Tuesday showing Murphy inside Oakland Mall last week swiping $1,000 of women's panties. He was in and out in 15 seconds.

Police suspect he could be linked to similar thefts at the Somerset Collection.

"He knew how to get into the mall," Redmond said. "He knew how to get out of the mall when he was running from the cops."

Police say Murphy kept running and eventually reached his parked car, then diving into the driver's seat.

"The officer was grabbing onto him so the officer ended up in the backseat of the car fighting with the guy," Redmond said.

On police dash cam, one officer can be seen trying to stop Murphy from driving away as another officer runs over and tries to break Murphy's car window.

Another officer climbs half way into the car to Taser Murphy, but Murphy drives off.

"When he jumped out of the car and the car took off, the rear door smashed into him pretty hard and sent him flying down the road," said Redmond.

Murphy nearly missed running over the injured officer by only a foot, then hit two parked cars. Murphy then leads police on a chase.

"Obviously that officer's life was in danger," Redmond said. "I'm surprised he didn't shoot the guy to put an end to it."

The chase ended at 14 Mile as police block Murphy using a pit maneuver.

Two officers received only minor injuries. Troy police discovered about $6,000 worth of other high-end merchandise.

Police believe Murphy had some help. But who the stolen panties were for, is apparently still a secret.