Video shows rescue of infant who stopped breathing by Sterling Heights first responders

Newly released video shows the dramatic moments an infant was saved by Sterling Heights first responders in February.

The bodycamera footage is from the rescue of the 15-month-old at the Dream Dollar who was not breathing at the time.

Police Officer Wendall Potts was dispatched to the story, off 15 Mile Road. After entering the store, his video shows him lifting the boy from the cashier table to the floor, then checked the child's vital signs.

After not feeling a heartbeat, Potts began to administer chest compressions.

"C'mon buddy, c'mon buddy," he says. "How old is he?"

"Fifteen months," a voice says.

About 1:40 into the video, medical first responders arrived.

"We're getting some respiration," Potts tells them.

Once the fire department arrived, the 15-month-old was given to the firefighters to continue CPR and transport the child to Corewell Health Hospital.

"Doctors at Corewell Health informed us that the quick and heroic action of the first responders saved this child’s life," said the department in a release.

An award presentation for Potts and other responders from the scene will be held this Friday, the city announced today.