VIDEO: Suspects steal U-Haul batteries at St. Vincent De Paul

Two people were caught on camera vandalizing U-Haul trucks and stealing the batteries at the St. Vincent De Paul in Westland.

The organization operates on donations to serve metro Detroit.

The suspects were driving in what appeared to be a white trail blazer, then jumped out and vandalized the trucks with the crooks stealing the batteries from the vehicles.

"It is odd. People are able to get something from scrap metal. There are precious metals in it. ... Unfortunately, that's what was on their mind this morning," said Shavon Stanley of St. Vincent De Paul.

Surveillance cameras also capture this woman walking in the back parking lot by the trash can moments before the crime.

It's possible she may have been a lookout for the heist.

The cost to have all of the batteries replaced is roughly around $2,400, and this incident stopped operations for a day.

"This crime really paralyzed us today," Stanley said.

A very similar vehicle was caught on surveillance cameras Saturday morning days before the crime.

The organization can't help to wonder if there is a connection.

"We believe Saturday morning, there was an attempt. ... We saw that description of that same exactly vehicle, but we just don't know. It's hard to tell from the camera angles," Stanley said.

Anyone with information is asked to give them a call.