VIDEO: Wildwood police release body camera footage of controversial beach arrest

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**WARNING: Graphic Content**

Wildwood police have released body camera footage of the controversial arrest on the beach over Memorial Day weekend.

It began with an officer having 20-year-old Emily Weinman, of Philadelphia, blowing into a breathalyzer a couple times after suspecting underage drinking.

"I know that didn’t come up positive. I didn’t take a drink of anything,” she can be heard saying in the video.

Cops ask for her aunt and Emily gets on the phone. Moments later, there's a verbal battle over booze. Police then ask for her name several times before the situation deteriorates rapidly. 

You see her collide with the officerknocking off the body cameraaccording to investigators. The next clip shows the woman yelling as they struggle to gain control.

“I’m a woman it doesn’t matter!” Emily can be heard saying.

The video shows police have the woman by her hair. Then, we see what looks like punches.

Wildwood’s mayor Mayor Ernie Troiano  Jr. tells FOX 29 by phone," I do not think that the officer tried to hit her in the head. I think he was going after the pressure points. I keep hearing this, you know, 'She's just a woman she's just a woman.' She's a combatant at that point."

The mayor says the body cam video confirms his officers did the right thing under intense pressure.

"All she had to do was give the name," the mayor said.

FOX 29 stopped by an address we believe to be Weinman’s to ask her about the new video. There was no answer.

In the meantime, retired law enforcement officer Steve Rogers says you should give the cops your name if they suspect a crime.

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"First of all, there was an issue regarding underage drinking so the age right there tells you that she must give up her name. Although over 18 you're an adult, but there was a crime that was committed," Rogers said.

The attorney for Emily Weinman says the body cam video shows “Excessive force and overreaction” by police telling FOX 29 quote: “It’s all the same to me” when comparing the viral witness video with the footage released by police.


In an interview with Good Day Philadelphia Thursday morning, Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano continued his defense of the officers’ actions and said the whole thing could have been avoided had Weinman provided the officers with her last name.

The Cape May County Prosecutor's Office released the following statement Thursday morning: