Vigil held for 3-year old shot and killed in River Rouge

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A vigil for a three-year-old shot and killed in River Rouge was held tonight.

The family was looking for answers and also remembering the life of Jamar Lee Quinn Jr.

"I all I can do is pray, I shouldn't even have to go through this, It’s sad, I got to bury my baby, I’ve never had to bury anybody," Jamar’s mother Danielle Davis said.

Danielle has to do what most parents can’t even imagine, arrange a funeral for her 3-year old son. 

"That's stressful, it's hard, I don't know what to do."

The Circumstances sparking outrage,

Jamar Lee Quinn Jr was asleep in his bed early Sunday, his mom and siblings in the same room. 

The shots rang out, coming from the back of the house, one of the bullets hitting Jamar in the head. 
He fought for his life but lost the battle the next day. 

Three times the family enduring horror, their house has been shot up twice in May, then fire bombed just hours after Jamar was sent to the hospital. 

The entire family can’t stay here now.

"Where is we gonna go, I don’t have anything, now I have to start all over I shouldn’t have to start over, this is foolishness," Davis said.

The family hurting for a young life lost and preparing to give him his final farewell.

Because the family has no place to stay and there was damage to the home and their belongings during the vigil, organizers asked for donations for clothes for the other children and money for Jamar’s funeral. 

Click the link to donate to Jamar’s GoFundMe: