Vigil held for teen murdered near Grand River on west side

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Gun violence claims the life of another teenager in Detroit and tonight hundreds of his classmates gathered to remember him

"It's been a hard couple of days," said Aalieya Jarrells.

A harsh lesson in reality for high school classmates of 16-year-old Forest Roshon, who was fatally shot last weekend, while three of his friends were wounded.

"We all made posters memories, pictures, quotes about him how we love him and how we are going to miss him," said Jarrells.

The high school student was with three other friends at a restaurant on Grand River Avenue late Saturday when a fight turned to gunfire.  Two 18 year olds and a 17 year old were also shot and injured. Roshon didn't survive.

"He was a young man with such an old soul. He was there for anyone and everybody," Jarrells said.  

On Monday night his friends and family came together outside his Detroit Western International High School. The prayers were led by a minister who just a day before was proceeding over another teenage vigil where 15-year-old Solomon Bonner was also shot and killed earlier this month.

"We shouldn't have to come together on these types of terms," said Mikiah Keener, Minister Triumph Church.

While they are here to pay tribute to a live that was lost.

"He was a young man with such an old soul. He was there for anyone and everybody," Jarrells said.

The real hope is vigils like this won't be needed.

"Programs or anything we can do for students after school just to keep them out of trouble," Keener said. "Because summer is coming up and we have to do something."

After the balloons and people go their separate ways the one message that the minister said will resonate is we should love and look after one another.