Vigil held for young mother killed in Novi as family waits for justice

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Family and friends gathered to remember a young mother murdered in Novi.

Prayers and love were used to soothe the pain for 21-year-old Tia Joe, a single mother, killed last weekend.

"It's hard to believe, because Tia didn't bother anybody, she had a warm spirit she loved everybody," said Camille Bey, the victim's sister.

Her son Braxton - just 6 months old - is still in critical condition, somehow hurt in the incident that led up to Tia's murder. 

"He's strong," Bey said. "He's fighting and he's making progress day by day but we going to continue to pray."

It happened early Sunday morning in a Novi mobile home park. Neighbors heard screams, then gunshots. 

Police tell us Tia was shot and killed - but aren't saying how Braxton was injured. 

"She was so excited to have Braxton it was the happiest time of her life," said Timyra Horton, a friend of Tia. "And for somebody to take that away from us, from Braxton ..." 

Horton says next month would be her first Mother's Day as a mom. 

"Braxton won't get to know his mom the way that we know her," Horton said.

Friday night loved ones gathered at Tia's Middle School in Highland Park, wishing they could have just one more chance to talk to her. 

"I love you, I didn't tell her enough," said friend Sommar Hutchinson 

Braxton's condition is improving - once he's out of the hospital, Tia's mother and sisters will all take care of him. 

"Whatever coward that did this and bring him to justice," Bey said.

Those close to Tia have their own theories about who did this. FOX 2 spoke with Novi police Friday night - they aren't releasing anything on a suspect or an arrest in this case.