Violent 4th of July weekend leaves Detroit chief 'frustrated but focused'

Detroit police held a press conference Tuesday addressing a violent 4th of July weekend.

"I'm frustrated, but focused," Chief James White said.

Several crime incidents took place over the holiday weekend - starting with a fatal shooting of a DoorDash driver on July 2nd on Bagley just before 9 p.m.

"Three people were inside a vehicle when they saw a man with a black ski mask started towards them, then started shooting at one of the vehicles - a male DoorDash employee making a delivery and sadly he was fatally shot."

Investigators continue to speak to witnesses and neighbors. But if you have any information you should call DPD immediately.

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The next case started as a traffic stop at Fullerton and Hubble on July 2nd just before midnight when a body was found inside the trunk.

"The driver nor the passenger had identification, and the vehicle was not properly registered. Officers made a decision to impound a vehicle," White said.

That’s when the driver and passenger attempted to flee from the vehicle.

"(They were) able to apprehend one of the parties," White said. "One officer conducted an inventory search and that’s where they found the body of a male in the trunk of the vehicle."

The investigation is still ongoing and police are not calling it a homicide just yet.

"We're waiting on the report from the medical examiner's office to determine the cause of death before we classify the case as a homicide," White said.

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On Sunday at about 3:30 a.m. multiple shots were fired in Cadillac Square after a dispute between two groups - leading to a fatal shooting.

"An argument ensued and then inexplicably guns were pulled, one person fired shots into the crowd striking and fatally wounding our victim," White said.

A weapon was recovered at the scene and a person of interest is in custody. Police say they still need the public’s help as they move forward in the case.

Police also convened about missing former DPD officer Stefan Hodo, whose guns and car was used in a pair of shootings by a suspect last week.

"We have a person in custody that shot up a home it’s our belief that this person may have had some interaction with the missing police officer and his life could be in danger - we know they had conflict through the day," White said.

Despite the criminal activity throughout the city crime is down in Detroit, White said.

"We’re looking at a 15 percent reduction in non-fatal shootings and a 15 percent reduction in homicides," he said.

White says his goal is to clear out as much crime as possible

"We’re going to make sure those who victimize our community, those who are pulling triggers in our community, are taken into custody are taken through the judicial process and getting off the streets," he said.