Volunteers help build giant playground on Detroit's west side

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Volunteers were busy on Lenore street near Telegraph and 7 mile on Detroit’s west side, building a giant playscape.

Cortez Reed just 7-years old lives just a block away.

“It’s cool that they’re building a park for us, for the kids so we can come out here and just play at the park,” Reed said.

A non-profit group called Grand 7 Detroit came up with the idea, G7D for short is part of Harvest Christian Church. 

Grant money and an army of volunteers helped turn the idea into a reality.

“It's overwhelming today to see the people come out and still have a heart for Detroit, Detroit is in people’s hearts and neighborhoods have been neglected,” pastor Robert King said, with Harvest Christian Church.

When I found out about this activity is said wow I got to be a part of this because I’ve never done anything like this before in my life,” volunteer Tunishiai Ford said.

Preliminary work for the playground was done on Thursday, but the majority of the work was done on Saturday, in just one day. 

“This is just wonder for the kids because they need somewhere to come to be safe, this is just great,” neighbor Rabecca Dulany said.

“To see this come to life from scratch, all these people working together being on one accord, that is awesome,” Ford said.

Meanwhile 7-year-old Cortez is most excited about.

“The zip line, thumbs up,” he said.