Warning about ‘Kik' app after girl is lured, threatened by man

It's a story every parent of a minor needs to hear. An 11-year-old girl's life could be changed forever -- because of what she did on a simple phone app.

The app is called "Kik" and the stranger she was talking to convinced her to do illegal things.

"I just feel like I'm hurting more than her because now my daughter has been put in something and I feel like there was nothing I could do to protect her," the mom said.

This Detroit mom who does not want to be identified, says a man using Kik messenger posed as a teen and preyed upon her 11-year-old daughter.

"He basically told her to dress, to take all her clothes off and for her to do all kinds of sexual acts and record it," the mom said.

It all happened over the weekend. The young girl joined the anonymous chat system at the urging of a classmate at Regent Park Elementary and Middle school.

"It really touched home with my child, she was really thinking this person could be able to ruin her life reputation for an 11 year old is like everything for them," the mom said.

The girl's mother says the man on the other end of the Kik messenger claimed to know several students at the girl's school and threatened to spread rumors about her if she did not comply. 

And the nude pictures only gave him more leverage.

"He said Monday morning sit in front of the church and 'I'm going to snatch you up and put you on your knees,' were his exact words," the mom said.

Thankfully the 11-year-old did not meet up with the man she was in contact with on the messenger app. Her family is working with police who have the girl's cell phone and a few leads in the case.

Lisa Schmidt is an online dating and relationship expert and says parents have to stay on top of their kid's online activities.

"It's important for kids to remember you do not know who you're talking to online and if they claim to be 14 or 15 or 16," Schmidt said. "It's not necessarily the truth."

Investigators believe two Virginia Tech students charged with killing a 13-year-old girl used Kik to lure her from her home.

"It's something that all the parents need to know," the mom said. "That the Kik app is definitely a bad thing."