Warren couple gets $100,000 grant to keep Motown sound alive

A Warren couple received $100,000 from Chase Bank to help make dreams come true for accomplished and up-and-coming musicians.

"I literally started to cry," said Gordon Carver, The Hive Colony owner.

"They're very unique. They're very involved in the community. They give back to the children. They bring a lot of kids in and develop music," said Reece Smith, VP of Business Banking.

The Hive Colony, in Warren,  was one of 20 businesses chosen for the Mission Main Street Grants program. About 30,000 businesses from all 50 states submitted applications for this year's grant program.

Co-owners Gordon and Marlo Carver will use the $100,000 to build a fully-outfitted 7,000 square foot sound stage attached to their current building.

"The best thing about kids we teach them music in a way that none of these other schools are teaching them," said Gordon Carver, Hive Colony owner.

Construction on the new facility starts next summer. The Hive Colony wants to attract national bands.

"I'm friends with Def Leopard's tour manager. I'm hoping he's going to be guiding me and educating me along the way on what a national act would need in a facility like this," said Marlo Carver, Hive Colony Executive Director.