Warren Mayor Fouts warns residents of firework fines

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts is out letting everyone know there will be no illegal or excessive usage of fireworks in his city this holiday weekend.

"It's a very daunting, difficult task," he said. He'll be hitting the streets each day until the party's over.

"I'm not against people shooting off fireworks, they just need to be a good neighbor," Fouts said.

He's out warning vendors for a couple days. Then he will be out in the neighborhoods on July 4th making sure everyone knows the details of the law.

"I think there's three important rules. Number one, under the influence of alcohol, you're likely to get a $500 fine. Allowing small children to shoot fireworks, you're likely to get a $500 fine. And blocking a city street where EMS and fire and police have to go through, you may very well get a $500 fine," Fouts explained. "If any merchant sells to anyone under the age of 18 or someone under the influence of alcohol, that's a $500 fine."

He warns police will be out in droves, strictly enforcing the law and passing out expensive tickets.

Fouts cautions to keep in mind pets, children, and war veterans who may be more sensitive to noise than others.

"Don't disrupt the peace and tranquility of the neighborhood especially after 11 at night, especially concerning pets. I get a lot of complaints from people about the disruption to pets," he said.

The mayor intends to take further measures to ensure fireworks are used appropriately.

"The legislation legalizes fireworks on 10 holidays including Christmas and Thanksgiving, which I believe is inappropriate.  These are family holidays, hardly days to discharge loud fireworks," said Fouts in a press release.

The mayor encouraged all to have a safe and peaceful 4th of July with a few fireworks, as long as respect for the law is maintained.