Warren mother in custody after 8-month-old son's death

The Warren Police Department is investigating the death of an 8-month-old child at an apartment complex in Warren Thursday afternoon.

Police say the child's death is suspicious, and have taken the mother into custody as they continue their investigation.

"I hadn't been in my house for five seconds and then I heard a lady screaming from downstairs. My neighbor from downstairs was screaming so loud and she was like call 911 'cause my son is not breathing, so I'm like, all right," a neighbor told FOX 2, who did not wish to be identified.

He was one of the first, though, to try and help his neighbor's baby boy. It was around 4:20 p.m. when he heard her frantic calls coming from the halls of the Warren Manor Apartments in the 21000 block of Dequindre.

"I went downstairs. I seen the little boy in the hallway laid out. He had to be like, 6 months old and I started doing CPR on him," the neighbor said.

Despite his efforts and those of emergency crews, the 8-month-old baby could not be revived.

The mother originally told police he had choked on milk and cookies but that story differed from her neighbors, who reported seeing a bathtub full of water. An autospy will confirm the cause of death, but right now investigators suspect drowning.

Police investigate death of baby in Warren; 1 parent in custody

"The mother did initially voluntarily come to the station and, after talking to witnesses and conferring with the prosecutor's office, she was placed under arrest for child abuse and she's in our custody as we speak," says Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer.

Dwyer says the mother is cooperating with their investigation and is currently being held on child abuse charges.

He describes what happened at the apartment complex as a tragedy for everyone involved, from the baby's family to those who tried so hard to save him. Friday's autospy will hopefully provide answers and closure.

"It was kind of strange. The water was overfilling and overflowing, then I'm like, cut the water off. I'm like, 'Did he drown?' Then she was like no, she just fed him and then she washed him up," the neighbor said.

Police haven't yet given the name of the baby nor the mother.

The results of Friday's autopsy will be given to the Prosecutor's Office, which will determined if child abuse charges are appropriate.

This is a developing story. Stay with FOX 2 for updates.