Warren police to crack down on fireworks regulations

The sights and sounds of fireworks are the focal point of the 4th of July Holiday.

But Warren Mayor Jim Fouts is on a mission to keep residents safe through all the celebrating and on Tuesday afternoon Fouts was busy putting his residents on notice about the city's fireworks regulations. 

He stopped by one fireworks tent and handed out flyers with the city's rules.

"No one should be under the influence of alcohol," Fouts said, adding that fireworks should not be in the hands of young people.

"The law says you have to be at least 18 and if not, you could also get a $500 dollar fine for that," Fouts said.

You can also get in trouble if you discharge fireworks in a city street or disrupt the public's peace.

"Is your neighbor elderly, it is difficult for them," Fouts said. "Is your neighbor a veteran who might have trauma from a war situation." 

Another key rule is that you can't set fireworks off after 11 p.m. but some believe this this is too restrictive 

"It doesn't get dark until 10 o'clock," said Michael Altman of Z&Z Fireworks. "You can only enjoy your fireworks for one hour when it's dark, from 10 to 11."

But Mayor Fouts says his biggest complaint about fireworks comes from pet owners.

"They say their pets are nervous," Fouts said.

Kristina Rinaldi of Detroit Dog Rescue has this advice to keep your pets at peace through all the booms and bangs. 

"The noise, the heat, it's going to be a very anxiety filled Fourth of July for a lot of dogs," Rinaldi said. "Keeping them in the house, keeping them calm, turning on a TV or a radio, taking the extra steps before an accident happens is always ideal."

Experts say to keep your animal relaxed during the fireworks season you can also turn to medication like doggie Xanax.

Back in the city of Warren, the mayor says if everyone follows this policy the holiday will be a blast.

"The good neighbor policy do unto others as you would want them to do unto you," he said.