Warren teens shot man in 'well-planned' weed robbery near high school, police say

Warren Police said on Tuesday that a shooting last week that locked down a high school and community college was over a weed deal that turned into a robbery.

FOX 2 learned on Monday that four students at Warren Woods Tower High School were arrested at the school for last week's shooting that sent a high school and community college into lockdown and ended with the victim paralyzed with the neck down.

On Tuesday, Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer said the four teenagers shot a 26-year-old in the neck, likely paralyzing the victim for life. 

"During the search warrant, five weapons were recovered. Investigators are working to identify the guns used in the shooting. We firmly believe two of these weapons were used in the shooting," Dwyer said.

Three of the teens were from Warren while the other was from Oak Park. They are all students at Warren Woods Tower and were arraigned in Macomb County. According to Dwyer, the shooting was planned as the victim was a known weed dealer.

"The investigation further shows the victim is known to sell marijuana in the area. We believe this was also a factor in the well-planned robbery attempt," he said.

Dwyer said there has been an increase of homicides by juveniles of 30%. Mayor Jim Fouts said something needs to be done.

"We cannot tolerate the thought of young people at this age are involved in violent crimes with guns," Fouts said.

The four teens are now facing conspiracy to commit armed robbery and attempted murder charges.