Warren to vote on medical marijuana sales in city but attorney says process not transparent

The city of Warren is set to allow medical marijuana to be legally sold in the city.  

However the Warren City Council is set to vote on a proposed settlement Tuesday night with 15 medical marijuana businesses that were given a license in 2019, but a judge ruled that the city violated the Open Meetings Act.

"The city is getting involved in a conspiracy to violate a court order," said attorney Rich Sulaka.

Attorney Rich Sulaka says the 15 businesses are the same ones that were given a license in 2019.  Sulaka's clients sued and won. A judge ruled the city violated the Open Meetings Act.

"We have a judgment from Judge Marlinga that says the Open Meetings Act was violated, which is why this whole case was brought forward from the very beginning," Sulaka said. "And all we have been asking for, is a fair and transparent process."

Yet, City Council President Patrick Green said that he believes the city did nothing wrong and said this about the proposed settlement:

"Regarding the item on our agenda tonight,  we are considering a resolution settling a proposed settlement to end litigation and protect taxpayer dollars," Green said.

FOX 2: "How mad are your clients?"

"My clients are furious," Sulaka said.

And Sulaka said that if the city council does approve this proposed settlement, he will sue the city of Warren, for a violation of the Open Meetings Act.

"And then they go behind closed doors and try and solve it without the people that originally brought the case," the attorney said. "I think there's something more going on here, and I think a public has a right to know."