Warren woman drowns at Baypoint Beach

A 72-year-old woman from Warren died Saturday after falling off a row boat on Stony Creek Lake.

Metro Park police said they received a 911 call around 9 a.m.

The woman and her 58-year-old husband rented a rowboat and were about 300-400 feet from shore when they went to lower the anchor.

The man and woman were standing as the man lowered the anchor into the water, causing the boat to wobble and the woman to fall over.

A kayaker came over to help pull her out.  She was not wearing a life jacket.

She was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and later died.

This drowning has shaken up some of the other recreational boaters and swimmers, here for Labor Day weekend.

"I feel like I'm shaking now," said Brittany Rutland of New Baltimore. "Because we were out there -- the water was so calm."

Randall Garrison of Marine City said the situation is sad.

"We didn't know from the looks of coming here -- nothing seemed like anything tragic happened," he said.

Metro Park police said it is their policy for all boaters to wear a life vest while out on the water. The couple was wearing the life vests when the left, but took them off when they were out on the water.