Warren woman who lost leg and arm after being hit by car shares story of courageous recovery

For Jennifer Wills, every day with her family is a gift because she almost didn't live to experience the precious moments of marriage and motherhood.

"My life before the accident is not the life I have now, but it’s everything I ever wanted," she said.

Back in 2006, The Warren woman was at a boat race in Indiana when a car slammed into her.

"It was a freak accident that changed my life," she said. "That first night I coded. They brought me back after multiple surgeries and things like that. I woke up in a coma with no arm and no leg."

While it was incredibly difficult, Wills faced her adversity head-on. Thanks to a prosthetic leg, she eventually learned to walk and drive again.

Now, 15 years after the crash, Wills is living a full life.

"You can go through horrible things but that’s not who you are," she said. "If it’s part of your story but it’s not who you are."

Now Wills is ready to share her inspirational story for the first time. It was time to let others in to let them know that you can go through tragic circumstances  - and come out on the other side.

Wills worked with a friend who wrote the book, "Unbroken Spirit."

"I just hope this inspires you to keep working at your goals keep focusing on your dreams never giving up and having faith."

Now Wills hopes her story helps others see they can overcome their adversity too.

"If I can help one person going through a bad time to see that you can overcome - and you can still make life what you want - and you can still come out on top, then I think at the end it was worth it," she said.

Jennifer Willis

Jennifer Willis

Wills is also active in her community as the president of her local moms' club. To order a copy of the new book Unbroken Spirit go HERE.