Watch a Detroit singer hear her song on the radio for the very first time

Ever wonder what it's like to hear your song on the radio for the very first time?

It's a moment many of us will never experience, but we now have a glimpse into how it feels thanks to a singer from metro Detroit.

Jayme Orr recorded herself as she sat in her car waiting for her new song to be played on the radio. The song is called "Love Is a War" and it debuted over the weekend on WDET.

She kept her iPhone rolling as she sat impatiently -- and then it was finally time.

"You guys, I think I might have a heart attack today," she says after hearing the radio announcer tease her song.

You can feel the emotion as you watch Jayme listening to her radio introduction and her song. There were some laughs as well as some tears.

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

Jayme's new EP is titled "Healed." It will be released April 30.

For more information on Jayme, visit her Facebook page at Her Facebook page says her hometown is Wixom, Mich.