WATCH: Driver goes airborne after weaving in and out of traffic on I-94

The accident could have been so much worse than it was but fortunately for the cars around one wild driver, everyone else turned out fine.

A FOX 2 Twitter follower uploaded the video to YouTube and sent it to us on Friday afternoon. The time stamp on the video shows that it happened just after noon. 

The one minute long video shows a white Chevrolet HHR pull up in the far right lane whips over to the left lane. It's hard to follow the small car as it continues to maneuver, but the white car swerves back and forth.

Until it gets to exit 222A for Outer Drive. The driver is almost past the exit when suddenly, they make a sharp turn to take the exit.

The car was going way too fast and started losing control. It veered further right, then left over the grass between the ramp and highway.

The car goes airborne off the ramp hits through the grass and back onto the highway.

As the video continues, it passes the car which sustained heavy damage to the front.

The YouTube user who uploaded said he stopped to check on the man driving and he said he seemed okay. 

Video credit: YouTube user Big Sorge.