Detroit police roll out 5-point plan, engage community leaders for new crowd control measures

Detroit police introduced a five-point plan and laid out a Friday night march around the city as a means to better target violence in some of the city's busiest sectors and curb drag racing. 

Speaking during his ninth day on the job, interim police chief James White said he secured thousands of hours of available overtime to better police noise violations, drifting, and code enforcement for curfews.

"We're lowering the party atmosphere, but we have to do so responsibly," White said. "These are not just words. We're taking this seriously."

A massive brawl in Greektown and a social media video of two men from out of the city racing Lamborghinis in the streets prompted a stern warning from White, Mayor Mike Duggan, and several community leaders from different advocacy groups.

Pastor Maurice Hardwick called White's newest initiative a "love tap."

"Let's enjoy each other, let's enjoy downtown, but let's enjoy it in peace," he said.

The five-point plan will utilize an increase in police presence, more strict noise enforcement, heavier policing on drag racing, improved community engagement, and parking lot and code enforcement.

To pull that off, Duggan approved 4,000 additional hours of overtime for weekend crowd control and an additional 2,000 hours for policing drifting and drag racing. He noted it would not compromise the department's ability to respond to 911 calls outside the targeted areas.

Sources also told FOX 2 that the department will install video monitors so people know they're on camera being recorded.

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Police have been in discussions with business leaders to reduce the amount of music being played outdoors. Block parties have been growing in vacant parking lots where loud music is played. Businesses that don't comply with the noise ordinance may lose their license. 

Community groups also plan a Friday march that will take people down streets in five different areas of the city.