Watch the Michigan-Michigan State game Saturday with Wolverine alumni over zoom

At this point in the year, getting Big Ten football back for the 2020 season is among the precious few luxuries COVID-19 hasn't taken from Michiganders. 

Even if that means no fans at the Michigan-Michigan State football game tomorrow. 

And while the tailgating in-person is no longer allowed, that doesn't mean the revelry can't still continue. And fans might just get a little extra this year when the virtual tailgates kickoff.

The University of Michigan's Alumni Association will host a Virtual Tailgate with the Fam Saturday where fans can interact with former Wolverines, asking them questions and enjoying the rivalry game together.

The first virtual tailgate happened on Zoom last weekend when several hundred fans watched the Wolverines take on the Minnesota Gophers in the first game of the season. On the call was Mike Martin and Brandon Graham, a current Philadelphia Eagles and Super Bowl champion.

“We went through what all of us as players experienced through that game. Those are the things the fans don’t get to hear. I think that’s what’s cool about this interactive virtual tailgate. You’re going to hear about those stories," Martin said. "You’re going to hear about what was it like when you played against Michigan State. That’s why you have to tune in. We don’t script this stuff. We’re talking just like we were in the locker room and we come up with it. Last week we had some funny moments and I know we will this week as well.”

The second virtual tailgate will include Ty Law, who won a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots. It begins at 10:30 a.m. Saturday.

You can find all the information on the alumni's website here.

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