WATCH: Woman fights off abduction attempt caught on camera

A horrifying attack at a local cell phone store left a Detroit woman hospitalized.

"I was scared, I was screaming please help me," said Daisha Paul.  "(I said) somebody help me I don't know him."

Paul says she went to pay her phone bill at the Metro PCS store on Gratiot near McNichols in Detroit Friday afternoon, when all of a sudden a man who had just walked into the store, began to attack her.

Surveillance video shows how the random man tried to kidnap the young woman by dragging her out the door.

"I was punching, stomping, pulling hair, cursing, calling names," Paul said.

The young victim said it happened so fast, there were multiple customers inside at the time and no one did anything about it.

They stood around basically," she said. "I asked why (are) you doing this. I didn't do anything to you. I was screaming help."

Daisha says she couldn't grab her mace in time, but did her best to fight back. Her mother shows us how her clothes were ripped in the process.

"It's horrific," said Rosezina Paul. "I'm just glad my daughter was spared and she had enough strength to get away."

The man, who we're told had a brace on his fingers, eventually gave up and took off in a blue Buick. Witnesses say he had a passenger inside.

A worker came out from behind the bullet proof window and cared for Daisha until her mother and the ambulance arrived.

"That's wrong, that's bad," said Zina Bright.

Bright, who also went to pay her bill at the Metro PCS store, heard about what happened. She says that's why she doesn't go anywhere alone, her boyfriend always bringing their dog and a hammer.

"It's dogs and protection for us too," Paul said. "Can't be safe unless you have somebody with you and they got to handle that."

Daisha, who luckily only received minor injuries learned that the hard way.

She hopes someone recognizes this man and calls police before he gets the chance to strike again. In the meantime, she says will never go anywhere else alone again.

"(I learned) not to go by myself," Paul said. "Because clearly you can't do anything in these streets of Detroit without someone trying to violate you."