Water leak opens hole near site of Fraser sinkhole

Just feet away from where a sinkhole opened up a little over a year ago, a major water leak has sprung on 15 Mile in Fraser.

The Macomb County Public Works Office says a water leak from a faulty water connection has formed a hole under and along 15 Mile Road between Hayes and Utica. 

The area is just down the road from Eberlein and 15 Mile, where a sinkhole opened on Christmas Eve 2017. 

The public works office said the void appears because the water washed away soil, causing the "void" under the south side of the road, affecting drivers headed east on 15 Mile.

Fraser Dept. of Public Works officials noticed a crack in the road early Wednesday morning during snow plow and salting operations. 

"We were wondering what was going on. I think that's the fourth one since the 80's," Alexis Backus said.

She's referring to holes in the road - what the county is calling a void. 

Of course, this is the same pavement that Public Works Commissioner Candace Miller drove on in a Ford Mustang when she reopened the road to traffic last year. 

To fix the problem, they'll have to remove the pavement, repair the line, refill the void, and then install a temporary repair on the pavement. A more permanent pavement solution will have to be made in the spring.

There is not a timeline available and the road has been narrowed to one lane as repairs are made.