Wayne County executive surprises family of mom killed by gunfire in August with Thanksgiving dinner

For Sherri Scott, when Francesca Marks was killed in August, she lost more than just a daughter.

"Francesco was an awesome mother, friend, coworker, daughter, especially she was my best friend. And superwoman." 

At the bottom of that list of well-deserved titles, Marks, who lovingly went by "Frankie" among her friends and family, was also the matriarch when it came to Thanksgiving dinner. 

"Francesca was the cook. Everybody came out for everything and she had dinner done for everybody, posted on Facebook," Scott said. "and now someone has to take her place."

It's been three months since the mother of seven children was killed after protecting her kids from gunfire that erupted over the summer. A fight broke out at a basketball court and one of the bullets hit Marks, who was at a barbecue nearby.

Since then, her killer hasn't been caught and Marks' family lives with the constant reminder of the void left behind by her absence.

However, Scott was surprised with a little help this week when the Wayne County Executive showed up with Thanksgiving dinner.

"We're not doing anything other than something from the heart. County employees felt like doing - and we know some of the circumstances going on," said Warren Evans. "So it's really great but it should be a full meal."

Evans, along with the help of his staff and a local businessman put their hands together to help Scott and her family.

"I thank everyone, I thank all of you guys. This is awesome and we're going to have a beautiful Thanksgiving," Scott said. "She was on social media all the time. So I guess after everything is done then I have to do the Frankie, I gotta post it, huh?"

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"When I heard that this was the lady who lost her daughter, it made it a lot more interesting for me to come here and give a hand and be able to help her out and help out the family," said Bahaa Saad, who donated much of the food. "Especially after what she went through. I'm privileged and honored to be able to do that." 

This isn't the only form of community outpouring that Scott has received since her daughter was killed. Wayne County honored the family last Thursday at the Grand Opening of Lightfest at Merriman Hollow Park in Westland.

"These are the people that public service is about. At the end of the day, it's just people providing service to other people. You make it more complicated than that, you're wasting time," Evans said. "So we're all happy, and all of the county employees out there, this is not me this is a team of people who pride ourselves on being a strong team."