Wayne County promotes clean energy program with Detroit's Cambria Hotel

Wayne County is working to reduce its carbon footprint and now local businesses can help thanks to a new project.

The Cambria Hotel Detroit is one example of what operating a sustainable business can look like and the Property Assessed Clean Energy project helped it get there.

"We were able to install (a) more efficient and better furnace and (air filters)," said Joseph Caradonna, co-owner of the Cambria Hotel. "We’ve had clients actually tell us the air inside the place is so clean because we had that extra money to bring in that better sustainable and quality equipment.

"We had many issues working through these difficult times with the pandemic, and all that. They stood by us, they helped us. They worked with PACE to get us a second issuance in order for us to complete this project."

PACE is a catalyst for financing renewable energy improvements and energy efficiency.

"In the beginning, it was $6 million of PACE," said Todd Williams of Lean and Green Michigan. "And then (we) were really excited for this past year for them to come back at the end of construction and for PACE to facilitate an additional $13 million in loans and get this property up and running."

Wayne County officials say there are number of Pace projects in the county from Livonia to Van Buren Township, and there’s room for more.

"We would like to grow the PACE program," said Wayne County Executive Warren Evans. "When you talk about carbon footprint and reducing those requirements, it’s a win-win."

Wayne County is already considered a leader in the PACE program. Out of the 73 PACE projects in Michigan, Wayne County has closed 23 of them, and the county has financed millions of dollars in projects.

"We’ve been working. $90 million is pretty significant for the amount of time we’ve been involved in the process here," Evans said.

That investment has led to economic development and now Wayne County is offering an invitation for other businesses to jump on board.

"We’re going to do the best we can to step this up and make it grow throughout Wayne County," he said.

To learn more, go to Lean and Green Michigan's page HERE.