Wayne County resumes foreclosures April 1 on properties with delinquent taxes

Beginning in April, the Wayne County treasurer will resume foreclosures on properties whose owners have fallen behind on their taxes and haven't set up a payment plan.

The deadline to request an extension, come up with a schedule for paying property taxes, or risk foreclosure is April 1, the county website says. 

Not since before the pandemic has the county foreclosed on a property due to court orders and moratoriums. There are many ways to come up with a payment plan and a list of resources is on the treasurer's website.

According to the state, foreclosure happens if an owner's property tax delinquency persists for three years. 

For a breakdown on the kinds of assistance available to homeowners, see below:

Stipulated Payment Agreement (REGSPA)

A REGSPA plan is available to everybody, but intended for non-owner-occupied properties, the county treasurer's website says.

The REGSPA offers a pathway for a taxpayer to make payments on a schedule with the intention of avoiding foreclosure. As long as payments are submitted on the agreed upon schedule, foreclosure will not happen.

To enroll, find out more here

Interest Reduction Stipulated Payment Agreement (IRSPA)

For owner-occupied properties, which means the deed is both in someone's name and is their primary residence, there's the IRSPA plan. 

Those that qualify will use a payment plan that reduces the interest rate from 18% to 6%.  

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Pay As You Stay Payment Agreement (PAYSPA)

For lower income residents who own and live in their residence and also owe delinquent taxes, there's PAYS. 

Homeowners will first need to apply for the Poverty Tax Exemption through their local assessor - assuming the municipality has opted into the PAYS program. The communities that participate in PAYS include: Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, Detroit, Ecorse, Grosse Pointe City, Grosse Pointe Farms, Hamtramck, Highland Park, Plymouth City, Redford Township., Rockwood, Romulus, Sumpter Township, Taylor, Trenton, Van Buren Township., and Westland.

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