Wayne State addresses Legionnaires' disease as summer programs continue

A case of Legionnaires disease was confirmed on May 26 at Wayne State University according to officials.

Wayne State says the Legionnaires disease was found in two areas- one, the student center and the other, in the Towers Residence Suites.  

While they say most of the tests have shown safe or non-detectable levels of legionella, extensive water testing is being done, and rooftop cooling towers were taken out of service and replaced with new cooling units.   However, some students are taking precautions.  

The Towers remain closed but The Student Center is open and summer programs are operating normally. 

"The college feels pretty confident," said Vanessa Zachary, coordinator C2 Summer high school program. "They say that this will not affect us.  We're on a different air system so we still occupy the towers during lunch."

Officials at Wayne State said that only one employee was diagnosed with Legionnaires disease. He recovered and has been back to work for about two weeks.

Wayne State has sent detailed email notifications to the community, and they are working with health officials from the city of Detroit as well as the state of Michigan. 

School officials have noted that Michigan was experiencing an increase in Legionnaires disease across the state.

Wayne State hopes to have the problem completely taken care of within a few weeks.