Wayne State student threatens activists with knife on camera

The organization BAMN got video of a Wayne State University Student lunging at them with a knife while they were passing out info about immigration.

Kate Stenvig says she was not going to let him get away with it - so she whipped out her phone to capture what happened.

"I think we should just deport and kill all illegals that don't belong in our country," the man said.

In his hand as he says it, is a knife.  The folks who were at the table passing out pro-immigrant literature recorded him on their phones shouting expletives - essentially telling him to get out of there.

"This guy needs to get the hell away from our table, our campus and out of Detroit," Stenvig said.

Stenvig is with BAMN - By Any Means Necessary - an activist group that was on Wayne State University's campus. Other members of the group say this isn't the first time this person has done this.

"The president of the university needs to say loud and clear, that this is a sanctuary campus," said Shandria Vaughn, with BAMN. "This is not welcome here and this student needs to be expelled, not just suspended."

BAMN thinks the man who calls himself Earl Johnson in the video, is emboldened by rhetoric connected to the campaign gear he's wearing "Trump 2020."

The signs BAMN had up when this happened were not just pro-immigrant but anti-Trump.

"They feel like because Trump is president they can get away with making threats," said Stenvig.

The university said it suspended the student while it investigates.

WSU says if you see notice this kind of behavior reach out to campus police. There will be a BAMN march Thursday at 2 p.m. between The Student Center and undergrad library.