'We live for saving people's lives:' Detroit police officers honored after rescuing unresponsive baby girl

When frantic parents showed up at a Detroit police precinct with an unresponsive baby, officers rushed to save the girl.

The little girl, Sevyn, 1, was brought to the 5th Precinct last weekend.

Watch: Police help save unresponsive 1-year-old's life

"I checked for signs of life, responsiveness, gave the baby a few chest compressions," said Sgt. Kevin Treasvant. "She wasn't really breathing that great when I took control of her."

There wasn't time to wait for an ambulance so the desk sergeant called for a patrol car and Officer Eric McCombs pulled up.

"I was actually working overtime that day so I wasn't expecting to save a child's life. I was getting my patrol car ready and then you could hear the distress in our lieutenant's voice over the radio," he said.

Officer Danny Ruiz-Cruz jumped in the back of the car with Sevyn.

"She was in pain. Her breathing was raspy so I knew that she needed help and I knew we had to get it as soon as we could," Ruiz-Cruz said.

The officers were honored as the department paid tribute to the lives lost in the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks.

Ruiz-Cruz said he was a child in Puerto Rico on 9/11 and the tragedy was part of what inspired him to become an officer.

"As people were running away, seeing how the first responders ran toward the danger, that was very heroic," he said.

While the officers are being honored for saving baby Sevyn, they said they don't need the recognition for doing their jobs.

"There's no greater feeling than knowing that you actually saved a child's life," McCombs said. "No recognition is needed. This is what we live for. We live for saving people's lives. This is why we got on the job, so when people are in distress, we can answer."

Treasvant said he was honored that Sevyn's parents trusted the officers to save the baby.

"I'm actually elated that they knew that they could come to us, that they could come to the Detroit Police Department. any precinct, any station. in their time of need, for service, for help," Treasvant said. "I thank them for trusting us with their child."