West side Detroit home plagued by raccoon problem

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A Detroit family is under siege by a family of raccoons. Felicia Lawrence, who lives next door to the issue, made a YouTube video poking fun at the situation, but also asking for help.

The family of raccoons relaxing on a Detroit roof in the area of Tireman and Outer Drive have settled in -  and that's the problem. Those behind the YouTube video posted it because they want their furry "frenemies" next door to move out.

"I normally put two bags of dirt on my trash can just to keep them out," Lakenya Jones said. "But she's so strong, she flipped the garbage can up and now I have a huge hole in the top of my lid."

FOX 2: "And you think they did that?"

"Who else would have done it," she said.

"They're starting to have relations with each other," said Hines.

"I saw it," said Lawrence. "Super mating."

FOX 2 spoke with the family dealing with this. They tell us they can't afford a fix.

"I bought some stuff," homeowner Joyce Hines said. "It's not helping. And we can't afford to fix the roof.

"We want them gone."

For the neighbors, one close encounter was enough.

"They're literally using that house as a jungle gym," said Racquel Shelby, who filmed the YouTube video. "And they're coming onto the fence and everything else, that's not safe. Before you know it they'll be in there having Cheerios with them."

FOX 2 reached out to the city, the DNR and The Humane Society, but it said it is outside their purview.