Westbound I-696 reopens in Warren

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You'll be hearing a lot of Hallelujahs along 696 this weekend, traffic is finally flowing freely for the first time since April. All entrances and exits are open with the exception of Mound and Hoover.  

Fox 2: “What's this been like for you?”

“Horrible, all the streets have been very busy, congested,” Monica Jordan said. 
“It's been awful as far as the traffic and the backups I'm really just looking forward to getting in the flow of it again,” Jackie Lewis said.

By 5 o'clock Saturday all entrance and exit ramps reopened - with exception of Mound Road and Hoover, those will open next week.

MDOT slated the closure of 696 from 94 to 75 to wrap in November but that deadline came and went. 

“Things have really come together the last couple of days and here we are happy as can be to open it up,” Diane Cross said. 

Diane Cross with MDOT says the main reason for the delay was because of a contractor's union dispute, it pushed things back more than a month. 

“Somehow comes out to 56 lane miles where we removed the concrete and put it all back in addition to doing some other work that's normally a two year project we squeeze into 8 months and we knew it would be aggressive,” Cross said. 

The reopening is a game changer for people we talked to. 

“You have to wait for things to be done and done properly and hopefully it’s done properly,” Jordan said.

MDOT crews will be back out here in the spring to replace medians and do resurfacing in spots. But for now, no more orange barrels.