What actually ARE the health benefits of celery juice?

I've been debating should I buy a juicer so that I can start drinking celery juice on the daily? This all started when I did the recent story on story on celery juice and its potential benefits. Now we've got more experts weighing in on the celery craze.

Not long ago, dermatologist Steve Grekin and his wife introduced me to his not so secret trick to beautiful skin. Fresh celery juice every morning.

The reserach about celery benefits is limited. According to Lindsay Malone, a registered dietician at Cleveland Clinic, it won't hurt you, but she cautions folks who think it's a magic elixir for all of their health needs.

"It's important to remember that eating one particular food isn't necessarily going to give you all the results you're looking for in terms of weight loss, or blood sugar," said Lindsay Malone. RD/Cleveland Clinic, "but, if that one thing - if you start your day with that one thing - and it helps you make several other healthy choices throughout the day, then by all means, you should try it." 

Malone says there isn't any research that shows drinking celery juice every day will benefit your health. She says most people drink it in the mronig, on an empty stomach. By not eating for an hour or two int he morning, Malone says you are essentially extending your fast from overnight adn research shows this can help reduce blood sugar. 

Malone says celery juice is high in vitamins A and K, which help with blood clotting and vision. And oxidative damage to cells, so it does provide some benefit in that regard. But one thing missing from celery juice that's found in actual celery, is the fiber.

"If you want to get the vitamin A, the vitamin K, the folate, and the fiber, eat the whole stalk of celery,or throw it into a smoothie," said CG: Lindsay Malone. RD/Cleveland Clinic, "and that way you're not losing the benefits of the fiber."

It's tough to create a good celery smoothie. Malone says when it comes to evaluating health trends. If it can't harm you, it could possible helpt you. And it isn't very expensive. It could be worth a try. She says for many people, if they can add one healthy habit to their day, it can spur other healthy choices.