What moving auto show to June means for Cobo, Detroit

This year is the last time the Detroit North American International Auto Show will be held in winter, moving to June for 2020.

For 30 years, outside a handful of off-site reveals, the auto show has been contained to four very large walls -- and that's worked for a long time.

"It's showing off the renaissance of the city and That's what's happening. This city has changed so much and I'm so happy to be a part of this," said Claude Molinari with the Cobo Center.

But within those walls anything goes, and automakers will no problem spending money.

"For us it's about 40 percent of our revenue. So it's significant for the taxpayers of Michigan," Molinari said.

So it became concerning when automakers like Mercedes, BMW, and others who spent big to have a large presence bowed out. But the show must go on, and in 2020 the auto shows moves to the summer and incorporates new environments. That doesn't mean it still won’t be the auto show everyone knows and loves. 

"It's about the cars being the stars. And it's about the press reveals. A lot will take place in Cobo where it's a controlled environment. We are heated in the winter and cold in the summer," Molinari said.

In fact, Cobo hall plans to be part of the expansion.

"We got a 100,000 square feet outside Cobo Center that we can use in the summer and we can use the roof," she said.

And the latest rumors are the companies that aren't here this year will be back, which would make a move like this pay off. 

"Validate this move even more. If they come back it would be great," Molinari said.