What to do if a deer runs in front of your car

It's the time of year where deer are especially active, meaning there's an increased chance of crashes involving the animals.

Deer are most active between dusk and dawn. Be extra alert during this time. Deer may be more prevalent in rural areas, but they are also in urban areas and can catch you off guard if you are not paying attention.

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While it may not be easy to see the deer itself, watch for their eyes reflecting your headlights. If you see one deer, assume there are more that may enter the roadway and proceed with caution.

If a deer does run into the road, do not swerve to avoid hitting it. This can lead to a more severe crash if you hit another vehicle or veer off the road. 

Instead, keep your vehicle straight and brake firmly. If a deer is in the road, honking your horn may startle it to move, but this does not always work.

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If you cannot avoid hitting a deer, pull off the road after the collision and contact police and your insurance company. Be sure to let police know if the animal is in the road where it could be blocking traffic.

When you can safely get out of your vehicle, be sure to take photos of the damage in case you need them when you file a claim.

When you do get out of the vehicle, do not approach the deer. If it is alive, it may be aggressive and could hurt you.