What you need to know about Detroit's new parking system

The City of Detroit has said goodbye to parking meters and is rolling out a new parking system.

Now, parking is done primarily through a mobile app, ParkDetroit.

To park, you enter your vehicle's license plate number and payment information. Each area is divided into "zones", which you will find on street signs. The zone number will also be entered into the app.

The app will send you reminders when your time is almost expired, and you can extend that time right from your smart phone.

Also, since you pay for your spot in "zones", if you wish to move to a different spot, say down the block, you can do so without having to pay additional money (as long as you are in the same zone).

Solar-powered kiosks are also located on streets for payment for those without the mobile app. The kiosks accept credit cards and coins.

The kiosks and mobile app will launch city-wide soon, but is currently being tested along Seven Mile and Livernois.

For more information, including instruction videos, go to www.ParkDetroit.us.