Whitmer to attend dinner with Biden, other Democratic governors amid brewing criticisms of president

The Michigan governor will apart of a meeting Wednesday evening that will include other Democratic governors as well as President Joe Biden.

Gretchen Whitmer, a frequently-cited name as a star within the Democratic party, has denied interest in running for president in 2024. However, as Biden's standing in the general election grows more shaky following a tough debate with the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump last week, her name may be floated as a potential replacement. 

Whitmer's attendance was confirmed by the governor's press secretary Bobby Leddy.

He did not say what the Michigan governor would be offering at the meeting. 

However, Whitmer's standing as a governor from the Midwest who helped flip the state legislature blue while elevating certain issues to the forefront during her reelection campaign has made her a popular name for potential running mates.

Whitmer has been a proponent of Biden during his term in office while also serving as the national co-chair for his campaign. 

Adding to the speculation is an upcoming book release written by Whitmer - though an early preview through its pages by FOX 2's Tim Skubick has yielded no explicit sign she plans on running.

Another ingredient in the budding speculation is Michigan's importance to winning the presidency. The past two elections have both been decided by razor-thin margins and Michigan has landed on the winning side of both of them.


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Adding to speculation about the governor's future plans is her first book that is set to be published soon.