Whitmer holds COVID-19 press conference, she talked about extending unemployment, staying in on New Year’s Eve

"Our COVID numbers are better than any other of our Midwest neighboring states," Governor Gretchen Whitmer said. "These numbers are encouraging."

However, while the COVID numbers are down, the quantity of vaccines in the state is down. In fact, only 71,000 persons have been inoculated so far. 

"If we get more vaccines, we will get them into the arms of people as quickly as we can," said Michigan’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Joneigh Khaldun. "But, we are limited now like all the other states by how much we are allocated."

Whitmer is now blaming the Trump administration for lack of planning.

"The Federal Government still doesn’t have a reliable, regular administration plan, for getting vaccines to the state," Whitmer said. 

While Michigan’s numbers are down across the board, it has 12,000 deaths and counting. 

"Cases are at 279 cases per million people," Dr. Khaldun said. "Most have been declining for 38 days, but that’s 4 times what it was back in September. Positivity of tests is now at 8.4% and has been declining for multiple weeks. That’s three times where we were in September. 13.8% of beds in hospitals are being used to treat COVID and that is down from 16.5% the previous week."

Before lawmakers left for the holidays, they sent the Governor a $465- million COVID Aid Package, including $106-million for the unemployed benefits to be extended until Apr.1. 

"The bill includes $55-million for small businesses impacted by COVID-19," Whitmer said. "It also grants up to $20,000 that’s being made available to small businesses across the state and $3.5-million for grants up to $40,000 for live music and entertainment venues. And lastly, $45- million directly to workers who have been laid off as a result to this virus."

The Governor now has her fingers crossed that Michigan residents stayed at home for Christmas and she’s urging everybody to not party hardy on New Year’s Eve, which could send these positive COVID numbers skyrocketing again.