Whitmer for president? Michigan governor not jumping at calls to enter 2024 race

Gretchen Whitmer for president?

It's not the first time the Michigan governor's name has been floated for the executive seat on Pennsylvania Avenue - an idea that Whitmer has frequently brushed aside. Then, following a poor debate performance from President Joe Biden, the idea spawned again.

But even as the drum beat has continued for Whitmer to run for the highest office, so has her team's denials and declined comments about a plan to do so.

Following Thursday's presidential debate between Biden and former President Donald Trump, media reports cited concerns from Democrats that their nominee's age would keep people from voting from him.

Is the answer a governor from the Midwest?

Adding to the national interest around Whitmer's future career ambitions is the upcoming release of her first book. If someone is hoping for a hint about prospects in its pages, they won't find any help.

She has provided some idea of what could convince her otherwise in past interviews, including definite plans not to run for president in 2024. She also rejected rumors that she could join the presidential ticket as vice president in 2020.

However, if the phone rang in 2022 about joining Biden as VP, she said she would do it.