Whitmer says Michigan college football championship could attract more people to state

So who is that Michigan State graduate decked out in maize and blue and a lapel pin to boot? Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

"When you have kids at the University of Michigan, it makes it a little bit easier to root for them," she said with a laugh. "And when you are the governor, it's good for the state."

Having watched the Wolverines trounced the Huskies last night, the governor was all smiles as she attended a briefing on a tax break for seniors Tuesday.

But also on her mind - the possible celebration for the entire state and her agenda to attract more folks to come here.

"That win last night is going to maybe, make some people say, 'Well I want to learn a little bit more about Michigan,'" Whitmer said.

Other schools that have won the national championship have seen more alumni donations flow in, and more students eager to enroll, and this governor hopes the business community will take a look at the Wolverine State.

"I know that students make decisions based on what they're seeing, and how schools are promoted. I know that companies are always looking to see what synergies there are and thinking about the workforce. So I think frankly this is going to have all sorts of benefits for the state," she said.

It could also mean more money for student-athletes as they market their name, image and likeness. And at TCU when it almost won the championship a season ago, it recorded  $1.3 billion in earned mass media nationwide publicity.

Tim Skubick: "You can't buy this kind of publicity."

"Hey between the Wolverines and the Lions, it's really a fun time to watch football," who said. "You usually don't say that, at this time of the year."

And while the coach is raking in bonus after bonus for this victory, don't be surprised if some political party asks Mr. Harbaugh to run for office.

They asked former Michigan Coach Bo Schembechler and he said no. What would this coach say if asked?

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer sporting maize and blue in honor of the U-M win over Washington.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer sporting maize and blue in honor of the U-M win over Washington.