Whitmer unveils proposed $80.7B Michigan budget - read it here

The Michigan governor released her annual budget plan for the next fiscal year on Wednesday. 

The 201-page document unveiled online and to the appropriations committee in the legislature on Feb. 7 outlines how Gretchen Whitmer hopes to spend $80.7 billion.

Among the highlights from the budget include universal pre-K for every 4-year-old in Michigan, as well as free community college. It also included a pilot project that offered free child care to child care workers through the remainder of Whitmer's term. 

It also commits $500 million to attract new businesses and spur economic growth and an allocation to local governments for helping support public safety.

In total, the general fund budget will have $14.3 billion while the School Aid fund will have $23.4 billion. The federal government will make up 42% of the budget while sending $100 million to the state's rainy day fund.

For a look at the entire proposed budget, you can find it below: