Who's in charge in Hamtramck?

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Josh: What kind of dysfunction does the scenario create your city?

Anam Miah: “It leaves a bad taste in a lot of people's mouth."

Hamtramck's Mayor Pro Tem is concerned about the direction of the city.
He is standing by Kyle Tertzag, whose appointment as City Manager was rejected by the Receivership Transition Advisory Board with the state, after local council approved it.
This followed the appointment of two more people in one week.

So you have a lot going on at City Hall. A few weeks ago Kyle Tertzag was appointed as City Manager, but on Tuesday that decision was rejected and another person was appointed in his place. To wrap up this week, the outgoing City Manager appointed the Police Chief for the job.

The second appointment in this matter, John Gaybur was told his contract as acting city manager went into effect immediately, but was told it would expire by July 1st, leaving the police chief in charge.

"We were looking for transition, we were looking for process of transition that she would have implemented to move this community forward in a smoother transition and in the one we have now," said Miah.

Tertzag was told he was not qualified for the job. Also, his vote for the film studio in Allen Park that put the City in a financial crisis when he served on Council also raised concerns.

"I was city Council for about 12 years there, and they're criticizing one vote out of 12 years of votes. One vote that I took and that was unanimous. If I would've voted the other way everything still would've happened," said Tertzag

Tertzag and the City's Mayor Pro Tem are working with attorney James Allen to see if any legal action can be taken.

"Section 918 of the Hamtramck City Charter requires that council affirms her selection of an acting City Manager. That has not occurred,” said Allen.
"I'm not exactly sure what the law is on this,” said Tertzag. “I think we're in some uncharted territory is what it comes to."

We reached out to both the outgoing City Manager and the Police Chief, but we have not received a comment from either office.