Wife fatally shoots husband in self-defense at Eastpointe home: police

Police are ruling an incident self-defense after an Eastpointe father was shot and killed by his wife in Detroit.

The Johnson family received a dreaded phone call Friday morning that their 56-year-old son, Andre Williams, was shot dead inside his home.  

"I want justice done. That's all I want. You can't bring my son back," said his mother Shirley Johnson.

Police say they received a 911 call alerting them of trouble just after 8 a.m. at the house on Forest.. They arrived to find Williams dead, shot multiple times.

Police are calling it a domestic situation and they took a mother and her son, who were inside the home, to the police station for questioning.

Family members say the woman is the victim's wife and her son is the victim's stepson, who was just released from prison.

"Ever since he got out of jail, my son was good to him. He let him stay there and everything, and he threatened my son," Shirley said.

But family members of the victim's wife paint a different story.

"That's what I'm pretty much hearing -- that it was my brother trying to protect my mom," said Jada Hunt, stepdaughter of the man shot.

Eastpointe Police Deputy Chief Eric Keiser says police are trying to analyze the physical evidence to see what makes sense.

After putting the pieces of this puzzle together police say the wife pulled the trigger, but this case boils down to self defense. The wife and stepson were released and no charges will be filed.

But for this mom, there's no comfort after she says this is the third son she's lost to gun violence.

"He's the oldest. My other two got killed the same way," Shirley said.