Wigmaker creates wigs to donate for children with hair loss

Takearra Roberts is working to turn a passion into a mission of good.

"I always loved doing hair," she said.  "They make wigs for grown women to feel special. I just want kids to feel special also that’s suffering from hair loss." 

So Roberts, who is currently in beauty school and often does her grandmother’s hair, thought why not create wigs for little girls. Some are for purchase, others to donate to build self-esteem. 

"They like shaking their hair when they have beads, when they have barrettes they feel pretty," Roberts said.

So she took to social media to spread the word about her mission and started receiving compelling stories.

She chose a young girl who is losing hair because of a medical condition to receive her first wig complete with braids, beads and a bow.

"She inboxed me and her story touched me," Roberts said.

But this compassion to do good comes with a price. It takes nearly $200 to create one wig.

"I made a GoFundMe so I can give away more kids' wigs for free because it (costs) a lot of money to make a wig," Roberts said.

To learn how to support this endeavor go here: gf.me/u/zf9ug7

Once she builds up her wig supply, Roberts is planning another mission. 

"I want to go to Memphis to St. Jude’s to giveaway wigs," she said.