Wild video: Car rolls over on I-94 in Macomb County as driver falls asleep

In a remarkable video shared to FOX 2, a driver's dashcam was rolling when a compact SUV rolled over, skidded across traffic, and came to stop right in front of the car.

The driver of the compact SUV was in the right lane on I-94 near 9 Mile when police said she fell asleep around 6:30 Friday morning. The SUV initially went up the side of the shoulder before then careening over across traffic and rolling over in front of another car.

The driver of the car it rolled over in front of, happened to have a dashcam video and recorded the entire crash.

The dashcam driver sent the video to FOX 2 but asked not to be named. In the video, they were in the center lane and moving into the left lane behind the SUV. 

The cars were going west on I-94 and just underneath the overpass for Shady Lane Ave when the driver lost control. In the video, she went off the right shoulder, up the embankment, narrowly missed a pickup truck bed, and then slid on the hood into the center median.

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The car recording slams on his brakes and says an expletive we had to edit out. The car hits the median and then bounces off its side and wheels before righting itself. In the chaos, the passenger in the car was ejected and the woman in the driver's seat is seen hanging out of the driver's side window, seemingly unconscious.

Police said the driver was seriously injured and has been the hospitalized. The passenger suffered minor injuries.

I-94 was closed for hours for the cleanup but was later reopened.