Windsor nurse won't let COVID-19 stop him from battling on front line at Beaumont Royal Oak

When Steve Homick goes to work, his drive includes crossing the border from Windsor to Detroit.

He became a nurse at Beaumont Royal Oak because he wanted to help people. The coronavirus did not take away that passion. 

"For the first little bit it was definitely difficult for all of us seeing how sick some of these people were seeing that they don't have any family support," he said. "Since then, we've all banned together especially in my department."

Homick is among the 1,600 healthcare workers crossing the border during the coronavirus pandemic, according to The New York Times. 

The border can be a dividing line. Here we see healthcare workers as heroes, but back at home they can face scrutiny. Some think healthcare workers are bringing the virus to Windsor where it is not as widespread. 

"It's definitely not justified, I know for a fact people that I'm friends with, they doing everything they can to maintain everyone's safety and the safety of everyone else," he said. "They aren't going out unnecessarily."

Homick says for now he is even staying away from his own family. And while the scrutiny is there, Homick says it is not going to keep him from doing what he loves. 

"It's definitely discouraging it doesn't matter what side of the border we are on if we can help someone I want to," Homick said.

Nurse Steve Homick