With Michigan vaccine rates down almost 50%, Beaumont is offering curbside vaccinations for kids

Another disease-related concern is on the rise in Michigan as vaccination rates have plummeted amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

State health officials are reporting a 44.5% decrease in immunizations since COVID-19 began spreading throughout Michigan. That decline is magnifying public health concerns about kids potentially catching vaccine-preventable diseases.

And a wave of new infections of deadly diseases on top of the global pandemic could spell increased uncertainty for children and parents. That's because the vaccine rate in the state had already fallen over the past two years.

Evidence of what a falling vaccine rate can do was already shown in Michigan's measles outbreak in 2019, which registered as the worst in 27 years. 

With the state raising concerns, Beaumont Hospital is planning to schedule curbside vaccinations for people ages 10-21 for two teen health centers. The goal of the new initiative is to boost the vaccination rate ahead of the next school year. 

The immunization events go from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., beginning July 30 in River Rouge at 1460 W. Coolidge Highway. Call (313) 843-1639 to register an appointment for that time.

The next event is scheduled for Aug. 5 in Taylor at 26650 Eureka Rd. Suite B. Call (734) 942-2273 to register. 

The appointments will be staggered and more than one child per vehicle is okay. 

The Associated Press contributed to this report