Witness describes seeing accused killer shoot O'Reilly's manager

A woman accused of murdering an auto parts store manager was in court Wednesday as witnesses shared testimony.

"She had a gun to my head," said Lamaya Owens.

A terrifying moment Owens will never forget. The manager of the O' Reilley auto parts store was working behind the counter when all of a sudden she says Shawnta Anderson - pulled a gun out of her purse and pointed it at her head.

"She pointed to me and told me to give her everything," Owens said. "I opened my register, she grabbed my money out and then the girl that was with her, told her to get everything and she kept saying don't push the button."

The second woman she's referring to is Shawnta Anderson's alleged partner in crime - Eboni McEwen Ross who police say was with her when she robbed the Detroit business on Schaefer last November.

McEwen Ross was already bound over for trial, Anderson in a Wayne County courtroom to learn the same.

Owens testified how it all happened so fast - the women cleaned out the cash register - and then 69-year-old James Haller, who was also working at the time walked up and apparently startled Anderson.

"Mr. Haller came from the back because he was getting ready to go home and he frightened her," she said. "He said 'Hey' and she let the shot off and she ran out the door."

Anderson and McEwen Ross fled the scene. Surveillance video and photos of the women were plastered on the news in hopes of tracking the pair down.  McEwen Ross turned herself in but Anderson remained on the run. She tried to hide out at her boyfriend Leviticus Butler's grandmother's house in Detroit.

It's there Ruby Williams claims Anderson confessed about what happened at the store.

"She said I am the one that robbed O'Reilly's and she said I am the one who shot the man but I didn't intend to because I didn't know he was shot until the next day," Williams testified.

Acting on the tip, Detroit police headed to the grandmother's home. The officer in charge testified how they arrested Anderson as she exited the house.

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Despite efforts by the defense -  the series of events, testimony and surveillance video convinced the judge there was enough evidence to send Anderson to trial for multiple felonies including the murder of Holler.

Prosecutor: "How sure are you the person in court today is the one who did the shooting?"

"One hundred percent sure," said Owens. 

Butler already pleaded guilty as an accessory after the fact to a felony. Anderson will be back in court in a couple of weeks.