Witnesses describe deadly shooting inside Play Atlantis Melvindale arcade

A man killed during a child's birthday party.  Witnesses testified Friday about the terrifying moments at the Play Atlantis arcade.

In a preliminary examination of the evidence, a judge decided that 23-year-old suspect Lamar Carter will go to trial for the shooting death.

"When we looked around again, she said, 'Ma, Sean's been shot,'" testified a witness who was there celebrating her great-granddaughter's birthday. 

On Feb. 13, gunshots rang out during a 1-year-old's birthday party, killing 44-year-old Sean Kay.

Two separate parties got into a physical altercation and as soon as it cleared, another one started. But according to witnesses this fight was even bigger.

"We were trying to assist Candace because this guy had knocked her to the floor," the witness said.

The great-grandmother of the birthday girl told the court as soon as the fight cleared, Carter appeared.

"When I noticed him, he was coming at me with a gun in my face," she said, adding he wasn't even part of that brawl. "He said 'You punk [expletive], [expletive].'"

And then a gunshot.

"Something in my head, the Lord or whatever, said lean, and when I leaned, the gun went off," she said,

The bullet missed the great-grandmother but according to birthday girl's grandma, Carter wasn't done.

"He proceeded to shoot to the gun," she said.  "We all went down. He was looking at Sean, pointed the gun at Sean he turned his head and shot up under the table to shoot Sean or either the 13-year-old boy but it was intentional."

Members of the party say Sean died a hero, trying to protect other children.

"As I’m doing CPR, blood is shooting out the top of his head," the great grandmother said. "I said, 'He's gone.' I can't, (there was) nothing I can do."

Witnesses tell police they saw Carter run from the scene. He remained on the loose for two weeks then at a Quizno's sandwich shop in Alabama he asked workers to call police, saying he was ready to turn himself in.

After hearing witness testimony today, Carter was bound over for trial.